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    “A great way to find candidates. I recently filled a leadership role and posted the job as part of my sourcing efforts…The responses I got from the site were targeted from well qualified people and I’ve made some great new connections.”
    ~Lisa McCann President, Weldon Edwards

    All the latest financial analyst jobs with search tools for opportunities from all the leading global financial centres, including London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zurich, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Boston, Toronto.

    With over 25,000 members worldwide the Association of Financial Analysts is a premium network of high-level industry professionals. The group is part of ATA – a platform for industry analysts to connect in expert communities and spread social influence. Discussions focus on the latest market trends, opportunities, methodologies and tools and allow brands to engage with conversations about the latest solutions.

    The group has been growing rapidly since 2008 and connects leading analysts and companies. With investment analysts, buy-side equity, sell-side, securities, finance marketing, finance jobs, brokerage jobs and business analysis the AoFA job board is designed to help you find the right candidate for your role.

    ATA works with with a range of innovative companies to build analyst relations and deliver messaging about upcoming events, products or services of interest to our communities. If you are interested in reaching out to influencers worldwide or working with us then get in touch.