U.K. stocks rose this morning after the government implemented measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The FTSE index had plunged on Monday following fears the UK was entering a period of sharp escalation. On Tuesdau, the index opened up nearly 3 % as investors responded to plans to limit travel and exposure to the virus.

London is believed to be around two weeks ahead of the country and so far the number of deaths in the UK stands at 56.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to outline a new package of support for businesses hit by the outbreak later this. It comes mere days after he announced a record £12billion of emergency funding in the Budget.

Leaders of G7 nations issued a statement: “We resolve to coordinate measures and do whatever it takes, using all policy tools, to achieve strong growth in the G7 economies, and to safeguard against downside risks,” they said.