When buying travel insurance you should consider what cover you are looking for and whether it meets your needs. Whilst price may be an important consideration you should ensure you are aware of, and comfortable with, any restrictions in your policy.

When selling travel insurance, firms need to meet their obligations under our rules. Firms need to ensure that a customer is given appropriate product information, including, for general insurance contracts, an insurance product information document (IPID), which must focus on the key information consumers need to make an informed decision. The IPID must set out information on the main policy exclusions.

Insurers are also required to handle claims fairly and promptly.

If you are unhappy with your travel insurance policy see our information on complaining to your firm.

If you are unclear or have any questions about the effect of the UK leaving the EU on your travel insurance, you should contact your travel insurance provider. Also see our Brexit travel insurance information.

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