The next sessions will be held on Friday 28 June at The Centre (Baglan Community Church), Port Talbot. The morning session will start at 10:30am and afternoon session at 3pm. The sessions will last around 2 hours. Any scheme member, former scheme member or family member affected is welcome to attend without booking.

The sessions will cover information about the financial advice process, including what information BSPS members should have been asked for by their financial adviser in order for them to make a recommendation and what financial advisers should have done to demonstrate their recommendation.

The session will also cover what services financial advisers may continue to provide to members including regular reviews of investments.

The Financial Ombudsman Service, The Financial Services Compensation Scheme and The Money and Pensions Service (incorporating the Pensions Advisory Service, the Money Advice Service and Pension Wise) will also be attending the event.

We will shortly announce dates for July and August.

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