Medical equipment developer Jupiter Diagnostics  is seeking new investors as it aims to restructure to take its advanced blood testing technology to market.

The tech startup has previously raised several £1.5 million of funding via crowd-sourced platform CrowdCube but currently faces steep costs to continue development following insolvency of its operating company Jupiter Diagnostics Limited.

Jupiter Diagnostics Holding Company Ltd and L3 Technology the two companies in the group which hold the patents remain solvent however and the anagement are currenly seeking additional investors.

“The board and I are continuing to hold discussions with potential partners and acquirers,” Chris Ball, CEO of Jupiter Diagnostics, said.

One of Jupiter’s largest shareholder is currently working with contacts in Hong Kong to secure further investment and technical support required to allow development to continue.

Jupiter Diagnostics proprietary technology offers a simpler way to obtain accurate blood tests enabling clinicians to make faster decisions.


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