Vertical Aerospace

UK start-up Vertical Aerospace has announced plans to launch a new inter-city “flying taxi” service, signalling increasing competition in the short-haul, inter-city flight market.

Relying on cutting edge technology Vertical Aerospace will build on lessons from F1 racing to build its first eVTOL (electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft.

Founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick, previously founder of Ovo Energy, a challenger to the UK’s big six electric utilities, eVTOL will aim to capitalize on growing interest and rapidly evovling technology in the space of short-haul vertical take-off flight.

“The technology we were using in Formula 1 was just too high-spec to be applied to the challenges of the typical road car. What you can get from an F1 engine has more power density per kilo than a jet turbine,” Fitzpatrick said.

eVTOL set for 2022 launch

Standing for electric Vertical Take Off and Landing, eVTOL employs 28 aerospace veterans and technical experts from Airbus, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Martin Jetpack and GE amongst others and plans to target some of the most congested air corridors in the world with aircraft that don’t require runways but also have enough heft to travel up to 800 kilometers.

Investment in the vertical take-opff taxi space is heating up with competitors ranging from aerospace giant Airbus to Uber, pouring money into new technology from the likes of Volocopter and AeroMobil,

“We are investing in all the technology evolution taking place in aerospace but we are trying to apply that to something that’s real world and is possible to execute four years out,” Fitzpatrick said.