Danish wind energy firm Vestas has partnered with electric car and battery producer Tesla to expand and develop wind energy storage solutions.

Vestas is undertaking a radical strategic shift from turbine supplier to a more integrated energy company that provides low price sustainable electricity at low prices.

“It’s a very important step for Vestas and something that will lower the cost of sustainable energy. And that position is necessary for Vestas,” Jacob Pedersen, a share analyst with Sydbank, said in comments to media agnecy Børsen.

The partnership will make Vestas the leading wind supplier when it comes to developing battery technology. The move reflect its ambition to become a leading player within sustainable energy in general.

furthering this aim, Vestas signed an agreement to provide wind turbines to Mongolia’s largest wind park – the Sainshand Wind Park at Sainshand Soum in the Dornogobi Province.

It  will be Vestas’ second wind park venture in Mongolia and will include 25 V110-2.0 MW turbines in 2.2 MW Power Optimised Mode



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