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Ethereum Throughput Hits Record High

 Cryptocurrency network Ethereum set a new throughput record over the weekend, with over a half million transactions processed in less than 24 hours.

While the reported Chinese ICO ban and concerns over a billion dollar lawsuit with Ripple have depressed crypto markets, Ethereum has proven resilient continuing to grow its user base and computational power.

Transaction fees remain flat at around US$0.70, substantially less than fees on many other networks and sustained mining, exchange trading, and ICO investment payments have helped to buoy support.

The next big event for investors in the network is expected to be the Metropolis hard fork which is due to come online soon. Byzantium, the first phase of the development is scheduled to commence on September 18th.

As scaling issues prevail, the latest throughput figures for Ethereum suggest it may have some edge as the topic becomes increasingly critical for maintaining service to users.


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