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Sabine Lautenschläger: Interview

Ms Lautenschläger, the euro is now 20 years old. On 1 January 1999 it became legal tender for 11 out of 15 EU Member States, initially in electronic form and then as cash as of 2002. Germany has participated from the outset, alongside countries such as France and Italy. Has the euro been a success?
Vertical Aerospace

Air Taxi Market Heats Up With Vertical Aerospace Launch

UK start-up Vertical Aerospace has announced plans to launch a new inter-city “flying taxi” service, signalling increasing competition in the short-haul, inter-city flight market. Relying...
RBS share price

Analysts Raise RBS to Buy Rating

Banking group Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is forecast for positive share price momentum, following upgraded buy ratings from several analyst firms. Equity analysts at Morgan...